Day 9

How Important I Think Education is
Wow, talk about a loaded question. As a former education major and someone who hopes to be a high school teacher, and as someone who works at an after school program…. education is essential in all forms. I’m talking about formal education: book learning, evaluations, group projects, creative problem solving, brain storming and essays. I’m also talking informal education: life experiences, sports teams, mission trips, dance lessons, family arguments and friendly conversations. I passionately believe in FAPE (Free and Appropriate Public education as protected and provided under 504 law: I also think that we have a lot we need to fix in education in terms of standardized testing, state and national requirements, accommodations for physical disabilities, special education & emotional well being of students. I also don’t think I’m an expert by any means. That person is the Lord and that means I am blessed by seeking Him in all things, especially in how I approach education.  

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