Day 17

Something that I am proud of…
How fitting that I decided to do this right at this time and not any earlier. I just got an email offering me a job interview! Not as exciting as an actual job offer, but still. As an art student who wants to continue pursuing the creative job journey… this was incredible. It’s still a long shot because of my age and experience, but reading the words 
“You made quite an impression!”
Also, I can’t post a photo because it will ruin the surprise, but the painting for baby Bender is truly a work done through me by the Lord. I have actually had to stop painting a few times today because I was tearing up. When baby Bender is here and Aftan has this painting on her wall, then I can write a long post with all the photos I have taken. This painting is also part of a theological discussion on hope in the arts at Gordon on April 21. The LORD is good. 

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