7 days in 1!

So coming back to school after spring break slowed down my writing exercise. Oops. 
Day 18- A Problem I Have Had
This is an ongoing problem that I wrote about in an earlier post… I put way too much pressure on myself. I do not like procrastinating, leaving things for the night before or being unprepared. So I work myself pretty hard and I am highly motivated, but I can take on too much and then get incredibly overwhelmed. Sigh. 
Day 19- Five Items I Lust After
Shoes, new paint/brushes/paper/art supplies, earrings, delicious food, running shoes (which is of course very different from the strappy sandals, perfect pumps & adorable flats I also crave)
Day 20- My Fears
I have some superficial fears that really shouldn’t count as fears at all: jumping on trampolines & getting lost are two that I’ve had since I was little. But something I am really afraid of because of my health history is missing out on the beautiful things in life. I don’t want to disappoint people, fall short of their expectations, and I don’t want to fall short of my own. 
Day 21- What I Hope My Future Will Be Like
Joyful, full of laughter, adventure, good food, tough books, lively music, the ocean, running, dancing, health. And perhaps a certain man in my life :)
Day 22- My Academics
As mentioned earlier in this post… I am a very motivated person. I love to learn and to push myself to do better. I was an NHS honors student in High School, and I am consistently on the Dean’s list at school. Even with missing 9 weeks of school last year and all the ups and downs of being sick in school, I’ll be graduating at least Magna Cum Laude (and a very good chance of Suma depending on my final grades). But grades aren’t everything. Here’s the bottom line: I do well because I love to learn not just from the books but from the life God has given me. 
Day 23- Something I Miss
Does it even need to be stated the amount that my heart aches for Standing Rock? I can’t believe it has been almost 2 years since I have been there. I miss it almost every day, I miss my friends there even more often than that. 
Day 24- Five Phrases That Make Me Laugh
Some of these will make no sense, but never fail to make me laugh because of the people who said them and the memories tied to them
1. Chicken Fah-ji-tas: Sean Figgins, explaining people mispronouncing the word fajita. The poor hard of hearing women who were listening were quite disturbed thinking that he was talking about a similar sounding word that starts with a v and not an f.
2. Moby Dick can suck my foot: Explaining that the word foot in the Old Testament often does not refer to the feet, but to another apendage on the lower body. 
3. Tick tock is on the clock: Laura trying to tell us that Kesha is always on the radio
4. Crap fart: Jenn’s go to non-curse word 
5. Basically everything in this video, thank you Dexter House EP #6 (please excuse the language) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=os9LrkZMvzY

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