sometimes the truth is a slice of humble pie

I have a sweet tooth. Anyone who knows me know that I am very fond of spending rainy afternoons, goofy nights, and slow mornings in the kitchen. It brings me joy, but a lot of that is because I especially enjoy the sweet things in life. And let me tell you, eating a slice of humble pie is bittersweet.

I’ve been going to Bay Area Community Church since moving to Annapolis almost 3 months ago (can you believe it has already been that long?). And today’s sermon within a series on worship could not have come at a better time. Unlike my love of putting in the work to enjoy sweet things in the kitchen, I can be lazy when it comes to the work of enjoying the sweet things in life. Especially friendship. 

Here’s a shocker: moving has been really hard. I love my job. I am learning to make decisions and find my voice. I like the area I’m in- there are endless things to do and it is absolutely beautiful. But I can be meek in my quest to find friends. I want it to be immediate. Yep, I want to have my cake and eat it too because I don’t like the awkward showing up to (insert social activity here) and not knowing anyone, making small talk, wringing my hands, twiddling my thumbs, pretending to text newness of it all. It’s not to say I am not happy here, because I know that I am in a good place with people who are looking out for me, want the best for me, and are genuinely glad I am here. And Travis, bless your heart for your patience, kindness, understanding and most of all desire to see me happy here. Thank you for asking the hard questions and for telling me the things I might not want to hear, but need to take to heart. I am swallowing the humble pie of

“Be still and know that I am God”


God is in control. God with me. God is good. 

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