political communion

With the presidential just around the corner, it is only natural that I have politics on the mind. 

I am so thankful that I attended a college that was diverse enough in its student body that my American National Politics class had representation of international students, conservatives, liberals, moderates, libertarians, and the undecided. I also have parents who encouraged my sister and I to travel, to learn, to explore our ideas, feelings, and perspectives.  

What has surprised me as I have started to settle into “post grad” life is the amount of political slander that leaves the lips of followers of Christ. I firmly believe that we are to be interactive with God’s creation, and that means we should hold a political opinion, vote in local and national elections, and most importantly pursue relationships. 

I also firmly believe that we are called to elevate the ways of this world and not in a holier-than-thou kind of way. In a way that acknowledges both the absolutely beauty of this world and its deep ache for reconciliation and redemption. 

God commands us to pray for our leaders, regardless of whether or not we support them. And I believe that the Holy Spirit grieves when we argue for arguments sake, cutting down our brothers and sisters in Christ so we can gloat in “being right”. If we are sacrificing unity in the body of Christ for a 4 year term and political platform, I must confess I think we are missing out on something God has created for us: communion. All denominations, regardless of their theological framework, humble themselves before the Lord to break the bread and drink from the cup. Are we forgetting that we confess our sins against God and each other – and are forgiven- before we take communion? Why do we reserve this for those fifteen minutes on communion Sundays? I hope I am living my life in a way that allows for the symbolism of communion to be part of my daily actions and words. I especially hope that I do this in the midst of political fever. It’s probably when I need the most forgiveness because I happen to be a strong willed young lady. 

We, the body of Christ, need to remember that there are Christians who love the Lord, who have committed their lives to Jesus, who have a space in God’s house and a seat at His table, who prayerfully consider their votes regardless of which name they check off on their ballot. 

I am so thankful that the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings is the judge of all, and not my feeble mind. I am also trusting that He too seeks redemption and restoration for His creation. The best that I can do to play my part is to be humbly thankful for free will, education, and relationships. 

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