I don’t even know how to start this post. I am getting married to the biggest surprise that God put into my life, and I could not be more thankful and blessed.
Hebrews 6:19 says that love anchors the soul. With our relationships with the Lord at the center of this union, I have never been more of who God wants me to be. I am certain of my identity as a beloved daughter, and I trust Travis to lead me spiritually in our new life together.
He is good. He is driven, focused, determined, sensitive, perceptive, and hardworking. We are different, but we challenge each other to think critically, speak kindly, love boldly, and listen respectfully. I have never been able to take criticism well, but Travis can get down to the truth of the matter with gracious honesty in a way that never cuts me down.  My heart wants to support him in all he does. I love when he comes to my apartment after a long day of work and I can talk to him about his day. I love that I can delight in his accomplishments, and listen to his frustrations. I want to live in the warmth of Travis’ heart and always call it home because I know that God has led us to this place, and is rejoicing with us. 
But here is the story. My parents were visiting last weekend. Little did I know that this had been a plan in the works for over a month. Saturday morning Travis convinced me to go fishing at dawn. He picked me up at 6am and we drove down to the dock in his neighborhood on the Severn River. The boat was already set up. Unlucky for us, we blew a fuse as we left the dock! 
Quick on his feet, Travis called his dad and they pulled down a canoe. We cast our lines and paddled around the river for an hour. I was getting hungry, and but Travis convinced me to keep going. We paddled into a little cove area where their friends had a dock. Little did I know that as we were paddling and I was learning how to fish, Mr. Master’s was running through the woods with a fishing pole to set up for the engagement. When we got to the dock, Travis pointed out that it looked like someone had left their pole cast and the line was in the water. 
Let me be perfectly honest. I am completely fish stupid (sorry Grandpa). Travis told me they must have been fishing for catfish. I don’t even know if catfish live in Maryland waters.
We docked the canoe. Travis told me I should reel in the pole sitting all by itself on the side of the dock. On the end was a green fish that said, “will you  marry me?”. I started smiling, then laughing, then crying. I turned around and there was Travis on one knee smiling ear to ear. He was holding the most beautiful ring that I always dreamed that I would wear. A family heirloom worn by my Great Aunt, my Grandmother and my mom. And now me. 
“Kait, you are a keeper. Will you marry me?”
Tears. Joy. Hugs. YES! 

One thought on “betrothed

  1. This just made me tear up! What an incredible joy Kait! I am thrilled for you and am so thankful for technology so that I can know all these fun little details. May God bless both of you as you begin this journey!

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