new adventures in aesthetics

So I can’t actually post photos of the “art work” I have been diving into lately because – well, I’ve been designing wedding albums for some clients at the photography job! 
I feel like I am learning so much from Jenna – in case anyone forgot, I work at Jenna Walcott Photography – and I LOVE it. Don’t get me wrong – owning your own business is tough and I see it day in and day out with Jenna. She absolutely pours herself into her work. The camera body is like a third hand and the lens is another eye. Her work is beautiful, perceptive and intuitive. When I assist on shoots I often laugh because the things we do for a shot are kind of ridiculous. The first session I ever assisted on we ended up barefoot, in a creek, and straddling rocks and moss and little critters. We kneel in the dirt, lay on the ground, lose earrings, and stain clothes.
I am so blessed to have such a great local and motivated mentor in this field. And now that I am no longer a newbie, I’ve been able to take on a lot more responsibility. I have always loved rearranging, organizing, and story telling. Album design is seriously the best work for me. I sat for 5 hours straight today and didn’t even realize I had done that. Maybe it is something I should not be proud of (sitting for 5 hours straight sounds a bit lazy), but I made my way through a 20 page book, and it is beautiful. 
So even after three classes on vocation, I am still discovering new potential directions for my artistic career. And hey, it’s hard work but it is rewarding and fun and fulfilling. 
But don’t worry paint brush, you will always be my 11th digit. 

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