heart to paper

Today is short and simple. Sometimes there are things in life that there are not words for. Things like the ability to stay close friends with kindred hearts who are miles away, years from reunion, and still love you and want to be part of your life. When I went on my morning hike in the woods during the my “Christmas vacation”, I felt like I was walking into Narnia. Surrounded by a tall expanse of trees, fresh snow on the ground, ice glittering in the rising sun’s warm glow – this world can at times remind us of the place where God wanted us to live. The place where there was no death or shame, where we were able to see His face.
I love capturing the beauty of those moments. I want to only see the good in the world. But our world and our lives are fragile. My heart has been devastated time and again, especially as I have grown older, with news of friends facing terminal illnesses, senseless tragedy, and loss of loved ones both young and old. This isn’t a morbid post – I promise. 
As an artist and a Christian and a relational-emotional-harmony-seeking-idealist, I am driven to seek reconciliation. With beauty comes fragility. I wish that life would not be cut short, futures dimmed, progress and plans put on hold. I wish that there were cures, magic elixirs, and ways to put our precious glimpses of Eden in a jar for us to hold onto as a reminder of what was and what will be. 
This is what I am going to suffer through putting from heart to brain to paper. Maybe with words, but mostly with suggestion. I think I have finally reached a place where the Lord is telling me to use my gifts and desire to create, and paint my way through the theological framework process of the tension between fragility, beauty, and reconciliation. I have no idea what this will look like. It could be dark, it could be ugly. But it is purposeful and it is necessary. 

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