an addendum

Can you make addendums to blog posts? Maybe this is just “part 2”.
I quit my job(s). I was so exhausted emotionally, physically, and artistically balancing 3 jobs. I loved my job in the photo industry because I was using my degree and was learning so much about an industry I am intensely curious about. However, sometimes using your degree to make money means working 2 additional jobs just to get by in rent, utilities, food and gas (sometimes not making all 4). 
I am now working at a wellness center as a member of their office staff. This doesn’t sound so glamorous or pertinent to my degree at all. But it is something I am also passionate about – little known fact about me! Health has been a concern, or at least always on my mind, for over a decade now. I have sought out treatment and symptomatic relief through alternative means including acupuncture, massage, personal training and supplements. I work in a beautiful office with 3 licensed acupuncture practitioners and 3 massage therapists. I have the time and resources now to take care of myself by resting and by investing in my art! Praise God! 
And guess what. I was asked to be part of a collaborative exhibit at Barrington Center for the Arts between the 9 faculty members and 19 alumni. It blows my mind that this program has been around for nearly 30 years and less than a year after graduating, I was chosen to display my work along side of those who have pushed me, mentored me, and challenged me to become an artist (not just a transfer art student). People who are wiser than I think I will ever be, create things that my mind could never imagine, and are more motivated and disciplined than I think I will ever be. God is so faithful. What a beautiful motivator to remind me of God’s purpose during this extended time of transition. 
Graduating and moving away has been a terrible adjustment in many ways. I have been lonely, frustrated, poor, confused, and angry many times. I often miss my family. My mom comes to visit about once a month for a day or two. After I drop her off at the airport, I usually end my day crying to Travis about how I miss my parents and sister, and that my heart aches to be closer to them. I love the opportunity to be welcomed into a new family, but I am flawed. I am difficult to read, slow to warm up to, and often intensely private. 
Clean slate. Goodbye addendum.
Hello Kait; gallery displayed artist, future wife, and lovable team player. 

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