THE Challenge

Laying in bed last night, I finally found the most unoriginal inspiration to get me back in the groove. Here is how it started:


I was chosen to show my photography alongside my photography professor in a new exhibit at my alma mater. After 30 years, the art program at Gordon is finally doing an alumni show. Each of the professors could choose 2 former students to show alongside their own body of work. I was thrilled to be asked by Bill Franson. His classes were some of my favorite during my time at Gordon. My mom stepped in to drop off selected works for the curator to look over. I am in Maryland, and they are in Massachusetts – I am so blessed to have supportive parents! What I have heard over and over again is to continue pursuing this gift and passion. I am finally getting my act together.


I am searching for a body of work, for a post-school artistic voice, for some motivation. I’ve made a list of 52 words. Each week, I will pick a word at random (out of a jar, very high tech of me). That word will be my theme for the week. Each week I’ll post a small series, or maybe just one image depending on my success. 


So here is to 52 searching. As I embark on new adventures this year, I will search. 

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