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Moments and things that I treasure from my upbringing

1. Cooking with my mom; always trying something new, healthy, fresh, exciting… This inspiration usually struck us when having new friends over for dinner, huge family gatherings, or other moments where you normally want to use a “tried and true” recipe. Not us.

2. Family photos. Discussed in earlier post. I love that our house was always filled with family, despite geographical distance.

3. Our pups. Now old lady dogs, we have never been without a fury four legged companion. I love them. So does Travis.

4. Space. Our usually cluttered, eclectic, and always welcoming space. Even after my parents moved out of what I consider my childhood home, this feels like home to me. The couches always envelop you in warmth. There is always a fireplace waiting to warm you, and blankets to hug you. There are always dishes waiting to be filled with food (and pots and pans waiting to cook said food). I love that my family has instilled in me this sense of hospitality.

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