an ode to friendship

an ode to friendship

Meet Melissa Marie. You may remember her from my post on the wedding. This is my right hand girl. She sat on the floor, hunched over sipping on mimosas, to hand letter all the signs at the wedding… the morning of the wedding. She has seen me in all stages of joy & awkwardness, and has loved me even when I have been self-absorbed and not a great friend. Telling it like it is, I know that I will always have an honest answer and loyal partner in crime with Missy. I am so thankful.

These photos are dated, but that is the reality we have to face as long distance best friends! Missy kept the biggest surprise of all after Travis and I got engaged. She knew what was coming, and secretly purchased a plane ticket to spend Thanksgiving with us in Annapolis. I am so blessed to call this woman my friend, and we lovingly refer to her as my second sister. Literally, she could be a Stockwell based on looks (she looks more like my sister than I do).

Besides the fact that I am missing this girl after discussing the possibility of co-blogging together… I absolutely adore the light in these photos. Travis’ grandparents live on the water, and the sunsets/sunrises they see out their back window are spectacular.

IMG_1849 IMG_1848


(I told you… breathtaking)

Something that I love about photography is capturing the moment. That is basically stating the obvious, but I can still remember the way the warm setting sun felt on my skin in the chilly November weather that evening in 2012. And I remember how at home I felt having my best friend with me at my first Masters Family event as a fiance. I know that I will cherish these images, and many more as more than just snap shots. I am thankful for the ability to capture the emotion and feelings of a relationship through a frame, even with how much more I need to learn.

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