Larkspur & Laurel

I am so excited, and admittedly a little nervous, to announce that after much contemplation… I officially opened up an etsy shop! It is a small step, but feels huge to me. I have hidden my art in boxes, let friends and family take their first pick, and have done art mostly as a gift to to others. I have chosen a few pieces to sell, and I have created the option for custom artwork to be requested.


Larkspur were my grandmother’s favorite flowers. Her garden was full of them. She would send us seeds across the country to let us have a piece of “home” with us in Pennsylvania. We gave seeds to friends and neighbors. When my parents moved away from the neighborhood we lived in for 16 years in Pennsylvania, everyone pitched in to have an artist paint our house as a goodbye gift. They made sure to include larkspur in full bloom.

Laurel is my maiden middle name, and to be honest I was never fond of it as my middle name. I dropped it when Travis and I got married, and took Stockwell instead. But it seemed fitting to put Larkspur and Laurel together. My family has always encouraged me and support me with painting and photography (side note: I don’t know which will win out, or if I can co-exist as a single person that is simultaneously a painter and a photographer. But for now I’ll try to find a balance between the two).

Anyway, take a look around and pass the word along. Bookmark Larkspur & Laurel on your browser, or add me to your favorites to keep up to date on what’s for sale.



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