Redefining My Dreams: 10 Things I’ve Let Go So That I Could Heal

Cathy is a friend whose transparency while dealing with chronic illness is so necessary, and so inspiring. She is brave in more ways than I can count. I hope you take the opportunity to rethink trauma and read about her journey and search for healing and success.

In and Out


I was inspired this week by a friend, Kait, who could tell you the first, second, and third thing about struggling with chronic illness.

She posted about having to give up an opportunity to study abroad in order to begin a more intensive medical regimen to push her Myasthenia Gravis into remission. She inspires me all the time and reminds me that I’m not alone. She talks about living the width of her life and not worrying about the length. 
So I decided I’d write what I’ve let go and send it out into the blog-o-sphere. After a week of choosing my words, these are the things that I have walked away from almost entirely because getting better was the only option and it didn’t allow for the experiences I thought would make my life worthwhile. A lot of these things I am still grieving. They may be news to…

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