settling in

So much has happened in the last month! Life here is chugging along. I love my job, and I feel settled. We are finding little gems in Columbia, and have spent time exploring the area. We have found our favorite breakfast spot, met local artists, and love exploring the Soda City Market for local food finds on our way home from the gym on Saturdays.

One of my favorite things about our new place is that I have room to set up my art! That needs another post, because that room is still a work in progress. However, before I got my new art table, I set up in the living room to work on a commission. My sister’s friend and her husband asked me to do a large watercolor piece for their new dining room. I was nervous! Most of my watercolor pieces are no larger than 16×20. This one is a custom 30×22 and I LOVED making it. Teresa and Dustin trusted my creative instinct, and though we talked throughout the process, they ultimately gave me free reign with just a few parameters.


10583871_10202693399123934_3810786744939261905_nThe plan is to work more on the second bedroom/studio/office this weekend. I’ll post more about that, my mom’s visit, and our trip to Garrett & Courtney’s wedding soon!


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