Eating Ethical

Eating locally sourced food products is quickly becoming one of our favorite parts about living in the south. In Columbia, we have access to multiple year round farmers and artisan markets. I work across the street from a locally owned health & grocery market (Rosewood Market) that I am possibly slightly obsessed with.

We have started allocating more and more of our monthly food budget towards eating ethically. To us, that means sustainable, local, and organic when possible. We have found a natural farm to buy red meat from (Mibek Farms) and through Rosewood Market I’ve also found a local Carolina/Florida seafood business that connects consumers to sustainable seafood (Our Local Catch). We love getting produce mainly from City Roots and Wastonia Farms, and coffee from Indah. I used to roll my eyes at people who said things similar to what I just typed. Guilty as charged, but I have changed my tune. It’s not about losing weight or dieting. We want to know where our food is coming from, and we also want to support our local economy.

I am working on an idea about family for my next series of paintings. However, my mind is also starting to wander towards a digital to cyanotype photographic exploration of sustainability and ethical eating in the Carolina’s. Before you know it, food and food sourcing will probably take over this art blog.

On that note, here are some snapshots of what “ethical eating” looks like in our house. Lots of yummy food cooked together with love!

Local peaches here are HUGE! And amazing!
Labor Day finds at the Soda City Market
Carolina Swordfish (grilled) with heirloom caprese salad
Our favorite market, Soda City on Main Street. It runs all year, every Saturday morning.
Local Denver steak (grilled) with roasted garlic okra and summer corn salad
Heirloom caprese salad – a staple in our house
One of the many delicious tomatoes from Columbia’s Tomato Festival!
Splurge: lunch from Rosewood Market (I work across the street).
Stuffed avocado with shrimp, bacon, and summer corn salad
Carolina Gold Chicken (roasted) with local corn and potatoes
Slooooow cooked local pork ribs, a splurge.

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