Christmas 2014

After all the hustle and bustle of the holiday rush at my job, Trav and I were able to spent 10 days visiting my parents on the North Shore in Massachusetts! We so needed the time off, and it worked out for my sister and her fiance, Andy, to be there for part of the time too!

Some highlights included:

– touring the Allagash Brewery in Portland, ME
– helping prepare a Christmas lunch at My Brother’s Table in Lynn, MA (I volunteered here a few times in college and highly recommend this amazing organization)
– cooking pulled pork and braised beef tacos for Christmas Dinner, and basically all the cooking we did! We made Ottalenghi meatballs with rice & orzo, homemade pizza, and sriracha shrimp too! And quite a few margaritas :)
– hiking around the trails at Appleton Farm behind my parent’s house
– taking my childhood dog, Sierra, to play on Crane Beach in Ipswich, MA
– doing an afternoon at Wolf Hollow near Crane Beach – they have a wolf preserve where groups and individuals can learn about wolves and their behavior. It was so cool!
– just spending time with my family and getting to know my sister’s fiance more

We spent a lot of time drinking tea and coffee, learning yoga from my sister, playing card games, enjoying good food and good drinks by the fire, and taking the time to relax and enjoy each other.

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