So if you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed a surge in adorable dog photos. On January 3rd Travis and I adopted Ryland “Rylee” Masters! He was our foster dog in October, but we had to give him back to the shelter after giving him a home trial run for a week because we were in an apartment and didn’t have a yard.

Travis and I both had a really hard time giving him back, and to be honest more than a few tears were shed. We wanted to help this sweet dog find a forever home, but felt that as a young and active hound/boxer mix, he needed way more space than our apartment could give him. Unhappy in our place, we started searching for homes to rent around Thanksgiving. Travis finally told me that the only thing he wanted for his birthday (in early January) was Ry. So we upped our search.

We found a home within a few weeks and got in touch with the rescue – he was still there and he was ours!! So after getting back from my parents house on New Year’s Day, we packed up our stuff and picked up the keys to our new place. The next day we drove up to Charlotte to pick Ryland up as Trav’s birthday gift.

Adopting a rescue dog, so far, has been rewarding, but definitely not easy. He was abandoned at 6 months old at a Walmart. His owners were going to tie him to a tree and leave him there. Luckily, a volunteer from the rescue saw what the owners were doing and asked if he could take the dog to the rescue to be adopted. He waited and waited, and our application to foster was the first interest he had seen in the 6 months he had been at the shelter. He is an incredibly athletic dog, and I’m pretty sure there are springs in his hind legs – this is one of the reasons why he struggled to get any attention. He can climb a fence, and because of that got very little play time outside, and very little socialization with people.

We have him in one-on-one training to help with anxiety and socialization. But he is one happy dog. He loves to chase squirrels and birds, go for walks a few times a day, chew on ropes and bones, and never wants to be too far from you. He also enjoys belly rubs and scratches. I love to see that he is wagging his tail more too!


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