happies and crappies

When I spent my summers volunteering in North Dakota, we would do a daily debrief called “happies and crappies”. It’s actually a very scientific way of describing the highs and lows of the day.

In all honesty, fundraising has always been more on the “crappy” side of life for me. I’ve always been the one who has struggled to raise the amount I needed for anything – school fundraisers, special trips, the ND partnership summers, etc. The MG Walk fundraiser is no different for me. I have always been the type of person to put tremendous amounts of pressure on myself to perform. I do feel an obligation as the SC Walk Local Hero to go above and beyond.

It is a daily reminder for me to be grateful. Even when the monetary donations are lacking, awareness is still being spread. I can easily turn into a scrooge about this. It is discouraging to have friends and family who have witnessed the trial and tribulations of living a life with MG stay silent.

Part of this is my harmony-seeking-idealist side. I donate the dollar to the causes at the grocery store. But I can’t expect everyone else to be like me. When people tell me about a cause they are passionate about, I like to help in whatever way I can even if it is small because I know the impact that it can have (even if it is just buying a cup of coffee or adding a dollar or two to my grocery bill).

If each person who saw my Facebook posts donated a dollar, that would be $342 dollars. And if each of them just asked 3 friends to donate a dollar, that would bring us up to over $1,000. Could you even imagine what would happen if each person who heard about their friend, or their Uncle’s neighbor, or their hairdresser’s daughter donated a dollar? That dollar represents a story being told and listened to. I hope that all the emails and phone calls going on will make an impact. I really do think that it will all come together to tell a story that will be listened to by many communities.
I’m learning the power of intention and compassion – and I hope that it spreads. I have been so blessed already by friends donating who are strapped for cash in grad school, for my boss being flexible with my work schedule so I can go to planning meetings, for my friends who also fill their newsfeed sharing information to get the word out, for my family flying in just to hear me give a little speech (probably to just them!), and for the people who take a few minutes to learn more about MG and the walk campaign.
So even in the disappointment of unreturned phone calls and emails, and the sadness of some of the silence, I will find a reason to celebrate. I rejoice in the happiness of my sister-in-law starting a fundraiser for me, of my wedding photographer sharing that fundraiser on her business page, of my high school and college friends sharing the news about the MG Walk to their friends and family and co-workers. My co-workers ask me how it’s going, and I know I can tell them my highs and lows without judgement. I am thrilled that my family is flying in to celebrate this inaugural walk with me. And really, I have met great people over the internet (HA it can be done!) who have supported me so much and know what this journey is like.
So yes, happies and crappies.

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