CSA Recipe Round-Up


As I’ve said before, one of our favorite parts of moving to Columbia has been the amount of fresh, local, sustainable, organic food we have in town! City Roots is one of our favorite places to get fresh organic veggies, and it is just down the street from my job. We bought into their Winter CSA, and we are hooked. We had access to amazing fresh vegetables for the whole month of January, and were introduced to some new veggies that quickly became favorites.

Click to see some favorite vegetable recipes from January


Also called a turnip cabbage, this strange bulbous root is delicious both cooked and raw! We really liked roasting it with butternut squash. We also roasted it with fennel root & turnips.

Roasted Kohlrabi and Butternut Squash (served with grilled flank steak)


-Preheat oven to 450
-Trim and peel kohlrabi and cube (into 3/4-1 inch cubes)
-Toss with oil, thyme, salt, and pepper to taste & roast for 15 mins
-While kohlrabi roasts, peel and cube your butternut squash (you can also buy pre-cubed or frozen)
– Toss the squash with oil, thyme, salt, and pepper
– Stir kohlrabi and add in the squash
– Check frequently; they’ll be done in about 20 minutes or when they are tender (test with a fork)

Red Russian Kale

Kale is insanely versatile, you just have to treat it right. The first time I tried it, I just picked up a bag from Trader Joe’s and tried to substitute it completely for lettuce in a salad. Big fail. Raw kale needs to be massaged and topped with citrus to help balance the flavor. I LOVE sautéed and baked kale. It is more hearty than spinach, so it holds up to the heat.

Sriracha Shrimp and Kale Grits


For Shrimp:

-Peel and de-vain shrimp while oven is heating to 350
-Melt 2 tablespoons of butter and add 2 minced cloves of garlic and 2 tablespoons of sriracha sauce
– Season the shrimp with sea salt and cracked black pepper
-Pour sriracha/butter/garlic mixture over shrimp and baked for about 15 minutes

For Grits (from Congaree Milling CO)

– Combine 1 cup of grits with 3 cups of water, stock or a combination in a pot.
– On high heat, stir the mixture a minute or so with a wooden spoon.
-Reduce heat.
– Using a fine tea strainer, strain any floating particles off of the top while slightly tilting the cooking pot. Take care not to scoop up the grits in the bottom of the pot!
-Return to high heat. Once the grits boil, reduce heat to low and stir every few minutes, taking care to scrape the bottom of the pot. Don’t rush and burn the grits on the bottom!
– Cook grits at a low-medium temp until they soften and firm up (about 20 minutes).
-If grits “firm up” before they soften, slowly add some water or stock that is at or near boiling (keeping a pot of hot water or stock simmering on the stove is very helpful).
-Add salt and butter to taste (and liberal amounts of cheese and anything else you like in your grits–the list is practically endless!).

Note: One-half cup of water or stock can be left out of the initial step, and exchanged for approximately 1.5 cups of heavy cream, milk, etc., added in thirds at a time at the end of the cooking time. Cheese can also be added at the finish.
For Kale (using Red Russian Kale)
-Heat up a ceramic or cast iron pan with a fat (olive oil, coconut oil, or butter) and toss in some minced garlic
– Wash kale and massage gently; tear or chop
-Squeeze half a lemon over it and season with salt and pepper to taste
You won’t believe how much this CSA has changed my mind about boring old carrots. Besides being delicious to snack on and put in salads, they are incredibly flexible to flavoring! Honey glaze them, roast them with rosemary and garlic, make them spicy, pickle them, steam them. You name it.
Thyme and Garlic Carrots (served with Beef BBQ Short Ribs)
– Wash carrots, cut in half, and then cut lengthwise
– Thinly slice several cloves of garlic
– Slice half of an onion (don’t dice)
– Heat butter in a cast iron skillet or sauté pan over medium-low
– Add garlic and onions
– Once they are fragrant, add the carrots and fresh thyme springs
– Cook until carrots soften; I like mine to still have a little crispness (I don’t like mush carrots!)


Microgreens are PACKED with nutrients and protein! They are delicious in salads, on sandwiches, pizzas, and in breakfast scrambles. I had never tried microgreens before, and frankly they kind of freaked me out! I was so happy that City Roots included them weekly in our CSA. We tried cilantro, sunflower,  watercress, and arugula.

Left Over Breakfast Scramble


– If you have left over veggies from dinner, save them for the morning! In the second picture, I have leftover cauliflower, kale, mushrooms, sunflower microsgreens, and onions.
– Take any veggie that sounds tempting and delicious with eggs, wash them, cut the, and heat up some butter in a pan over medium heat  (top picture is sunflower and watercress microgreens, kale, and onions)
– Once the veggies start to cook, crack open a few free range or farm fresh eggs
– When egg white start to firm, fold them into the veggies, and scramble until cooked through
– Top with a little salt and pepper and sriracha

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