Late Autumn Studio Update

It is hard to believe that November is already upon us. Here in Columbia, SC the weather hasn’t quite received the hint to cool off – it was 82 degrees yesterday! Despite the heat, holiday orders are in full swing (though I have scaled back this year), and I realized there hasn’t been a studio update in awhile!

This fall, I was able to really invest time into exploring abstraction + movement/rhythm in my work. Often times, I get caught up in custom work and forget to explore on my own. If you read my post on abstraction, you’ll know that it was actually a custom piece that helped me dive into this new collection of abstract artwork.

I worked in a variety of mediums including acrylic + foil leaf on hardboard, watercolor on paper, and even some hand painted pendants!

As you can tell, indigo has made its home on my palette. I may continue exploring this idea as I enter 2017. So far it hasn’t lost its appeal to me, and I am grateful that this has been some of my most well received work.


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