The Imperfect Boss – Creative and Chronically Ill

This week, I am going outside my comfort zone just a little bit more. Over the last few years, I’ve become more comfortable blogging and sharing on social media about being a creative with a chronic illness. I’ve opened up about living life with myasthenia gravis, and the ups and downs of entrepreneurship (from full time to side hustle).

However, this week is a brand new adventure for me. After participating in The Imperfect Boss movement and campaign over the last year. Ashley encourages women in creative industries to embrace their imperfections and de-stigmatize the things we perceive as faults, choosing to view them rather as valuable parts of who we are as the “imperfect boss”. When Ashley asked if I would share about being a creative with a chronic illness, I was a little nervous. Those of you who have known me for years know that there was a time in my life where I wouldn’t even order my own food in a restaurant. Public speaking terrifies me, though its much more tolerable now (thank you HoneyBook and Rising Tide for that).

So this week, I’ll be alongside 25 other women sharing about imperfections that make us the beautiful creatives, bosses, and community members we are today. I’m speaking alongside women who have encouraged me to pursue art, community support, and disease advocacy. Women who have challenged me, helped me grow, and inspired so many others to pursue their passions and dreams. I hope you’ll consider joining us on 9/14 + 9/15 for two days of vulnerability, encouragement, and conversation.


Replays + workbook are included in the cost of registration. Use code “Kait” to get $5 off!

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