Denver May 2015

My big sis, Kel Bel, graduated with her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health counseling over the weekend. Thanks to a Southwest LUV voucher, we were able to spend a long weekend in Denver to celebrate with her and her fiancé! We like to refer to this trip as a food tour. We ate our way through the city!

Since she still had finals when we arrive early Thursday morning (after waking up at 1am to drive to make our early flight!), we stopped at Devil’s Food for a delicious breakfast – you must try the fried chicken and waffles!. We headed to Kelly’s house and walked around her adorable neighborhood. She lives about a mile from Wash Park! We also took a monstrous nap. After sleeping away our food comas, we met up with Kel for a late lunch at True Food Kitchen (we split the house-made chicken sausage pizza and a farmer’s market salad with a cucumber refresher and honey lemonade). Trav and I adventured around the REI and headed to the Baker neighborhood to meet up with my wonderful friend from college, Katie! Then we headed out to a late dinner at Pinche – delicious margs and upscale street tacos! Trav even tried the cow tongue… I stuck to carnitas, carne asada and taco estilo aril. YUM!

Friday, Trav and I headed to Snooze for a much needed caffeine fix and delicious breakfast. The neighborhood was trendy and modern, and the food was amazing. We were able to sit on the patio and plan our day. I was feeling pretty lethargic from the altitude, so we took it easy and did lunch at home and watched some House Hunter’s International (guilty pleasure!) with avocado toast. We had a cook out at Kel Bel’s future house and were able to see Katie again and meet a group of Kel Bel and fiancé’s friends. Beer brats, burgers, potato salad, watermelon, grilled corn on the cob, beer, wine, and the game THINGS – we were definitely shown a great time!

Kel Bel graduated Saturday morning. I am so proud of her and all the hard work she has put in these last 3 years. She has another year at her internship doing post-graduate work while earning her licensure hours. She has grown so much, not without pain and trials along the way, and she is becoming a great resource to those in need. I am so thrilled Trav and I were able to be there to help her celebrate!! We got brunch at Lola in the Highlands afterwards – delicious guac made right at your table! We enjoyed peach mimosas as well! Kel Bel needed a nap badly after waking up at 6am for her graduation rehearsal, so we retreated for more HHI before heading to Steam for a caffeine fix. We had an amazing dinner at Beatrice & Woodsley. Delicious mixed drinks and food. The atmosphere and decor is unlike any other place I have been to! What a great way to top off a day full of celebration! The night ended with a necessary trip to Voodoo.

We were sad to leave Sunday morning, but were thoroughly STUFFED and filled to the brim with joy at a fantastic weekend with family. Trav and I can’t wait to spend more time exploring when we return in July for Kel Bel and fiancé’s wedding! Trav is itching to explore the mountains!!

Some Iphone and 5D shots below!