Easy Sourdough Bread

I love pinterest, but I reign in my desire to spend hours pinning cool and trendy photos and try to focus on things that I will actually try to do or make. I have a board called “Kait’s Kitchen” where I try to test out most of the recipes. Some have been great, and some have been failures. This one is fantastic after a second attempt. I found Averie’s recipe for easy sourdough bread that doesn’t require all the hard work of a starter!


I had to adjust the recipe a little bit because of the humidity in South Carolina – the first time I made the bread, it didn’t rise enough and was way too wet. It still tasted good so I cubed it, stuck it on a tray, and toasted it in the oven to turn my failure into sourdough croutons. This time around, I got new yeast and kept out an extra cup of flour to add as needed.

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